Fast charging red andblue emergency camping light

Magnetic adsorption, metal adsorption, emergency lighting / red and blue emergency.
18000mAh small size and large capacity.                          6*3000mAH new energy 18650 batteries of the same level,
3.1 A 3 output port fast charge
Model Number  YL-202
Battery Type : 6*3000mAH the same level as new energy 18650 batteries
Capacity: 18000mAh
With Power display
Input :DC5V -  Micro 2.0A  /  TYPE-C   DC5V -  3.0A
output :DC5V -  USB1 3.1A /  DC5V -  USB2  3.1A  / TYPE-C
DC5V -  3.1A
Lumen: 1200LM
Single white light/single warm light brightest use time :8~12hours  
working time:8-24hours
charging time :8-12 hours
Light brightness level  +-5% brightness adjustment each
color temperature: 3000K  - 6500K  -5000K - Blue - Red
Consumption of the Lamp: 80W camping lighting / 10W Two-color warning